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New School Approbation

•••••*Hear or Read Yehuda's Interview on Israel National Radio:
•••••*Hear "This Land" on MySpace:
•••••*Hear "Light/Ohr" on MySpace:
•••••*Hear "The Classical CD" :
•••••*Hear Yehuda's WABC Spots for ImmediCenter:
•••••*Producer, Lev Tahor
•••••*Yehuda has worked with: Judy Collins, Richie Havens, Art Garfunkel, Bette Midler, Phoebe Snow, Garland Jeffries,
********Tim Hardin, Buzzy Linhart, Carrie Fisher, Rachel Faro, Aaron Schroeder, Otis Blackwell, Kenny Vance, Lucy Simon,
********Michael Sahl, Peter Boyle, Halle Berry, Armand Assante, Madeline Kahn, and Leonard Nimoy.
********Lev Tahor (Produced, Arranged & Engineered A Capella CD), Avraham Fried, MBD.
********He studied piano with Murray Perahia and Bertha Melnick, and Shenkerian Analysis with Carl Schachter.

•••••*Corporate Clients: ImmediCenter, A&W, Asahi Beer, AT&T, Atlantis Resort, Bell Atlantic, Chase Manhattan Bank,
********Coca-Cola, Con Edison, Diet Coke, Downy, Ford Motor Company, Ford Trucks, Fruit Roll-Ups,
********GM Mr. Goodwrench,, Lufthansa, Nickelodeon, Toyota, The United Way, U.S Army.
•••••*Creator & Director, IDT/Touro College MultiMedia Project
•••••*10 years Head of Piano & Arranging Department, New School, NYC
•••••*Yehuda's former Students Include:
********Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)
********Carol Bayer Sager (composer, "Groovy Kind of Love," "They're Playing Our Song")
********Peter Boyle (Everyone Loves Raymond)
********Lucy Simon, (composer, "The Magic Garden")
********Madeline Kahn (Cosby)
********Garland Jeffreys (Bruce Springsteen).
•••••*Yehuda composes and produces the music for Rabbi Berel Wein's Videos.
********You can click on the trailers to Rambam, Rashi, Of Heaven & Earth, Israel the Beautiful, or
********Fate and Faith to hear excerpts from Yehuda's film scores.
•••••*Composed music for all Rabbi Berel Wein films including:
********Rashi, Rambam, Fate & Faith, Chasidic Stories

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